Creating a visual CV

This is a short post to provide details on how I created the visual CV that is included on my homepage. I got the idea for doing this from a tweet from the awesome Mara Averick about an R package called VisualResume by Nathaniel Phillips: OMG, I love this! (I miss Breaking Bad so much) 📦 “VisualResume: An R package for creating a visual resume” by @YaRrrBook https://t.co/ZNtbrU87Y4 #rstats pic.twitter.com/8KbI06QYKq — Mara Averick (@dataandme) 17 octobre 2018 Once VisualResume is installed from GitHub (via devtools) and loaded, I just modified the Walter White example, resized the plot directly in the RStudio plot window, and exported to PNG.

Mapping transparency in ggplot2 to a continuous variable

tl;dr: Use I() to treat a numeric variable in a data.frame “as is” and avoid unintended conversion when mapping to transparency in a ggplot2 aesthetic. Today I ran into a ggplot2 plotting problem involving mapping the transparency aesthetic to a numeric variable – this drove me crazy until I figured it out. Here’s the basic set-up: I wanted to plot a scatterplot of two variables, but have the transparency of the points be controlled by a third (numeric) variable.

Setting up blogdown

I recently decided that I wanted to move my professional homepage from a free page set up on WordPress to GitHub Pages using blogdown by Yihui Xi. There were basically two reasons for this: (1) Because I only sprang for the free WordPress site, there are gigantic, ugly ads that appear on every single page. I only recently realized this as I was usually viewing my WordPress site while being logged on – and apparently, the ads only appear for other people.